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We  are Paranormal Investigators,  We will conduct professional investigations of homes,

businesses and other types of facilities that believe they have problems that are supernaturally

 related .

We are a non-profit group, which means our services are completely free.  Each investigation

we conduct is done in a serious, professional manner. We do not perform sťances or cleansings,

No personal information of our clients or their exact locations will be released unless a

 signed form is on file. We will have forms to be filled out on our investigations and release

signed that we can use on our website, anything we find.

We use scientific equipment to help us find answers of the unexplained. When on an investigation,

 we use these tools to help gather any evidence we can, to help find answers that can either

be logically explained or not.




                                    Our investigation will include


Meet with the client and tour the home or business, so that we know where most of the activity occurs,

and do an investigation which usually lasts at least a few hours.

We'll set up our equipment

We'll first take a reading of the area with EMF detectors and Digital Thermometers.

We'll do EVP sessions and ask questions, take pictures, listen for sounds or voices, watch for shadows or

movement, and watch for any EMF or temperature spikes or drops.

After our  investigation, we will go over all of the audio and video to see if anything was captured.

We try to get back to the clients with our findings as soon as possible.

 After everything has been gone over, we will again meet with the clients and show them anything

that was or was not caught during that investigation

We will provide a CD /or and DVD of our findings


We do not manipulate or fake any of our evidence. What we bring to our clients is what we find. If we find nothing,

 we will tell you we found nothing.


  We feel with our experience, having the right people in our group, as well as the best & proper 

 equipment, we can provide a knowledgeable foundation for our clients regarding the  paranormal,

& to be able to conduct & conclude a successful investigation at any location we may go to & will

 strive to help all of our clients as a Group.





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